Lombok and Sofyan Hotel Cut Meutia Triumphed in World Halal Travel Awards 2015!

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Halal Tourism is an extended services, a selection of services in the world of tourism for tourists that require halal standards in services provided to them in their traveling experience. These services may include but not limited to: the availability of halal food in restaurants and hotels, separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women, proper prayer rooms or mosques when they travel, and Qibla direction in rooms.

Halal Tourism sector was historically perceived as a conservative niche, and now it becomes a fast growing market in global tourism, excluding Hajj and Umrah, which is planned to surpass +$230 Billion by 2020. Furthermore, established dominant destinations such as Turkey & Malaysia are being challenged by smaller but active OIC countries including the UAE & Indonesia. This further proves the high demand for Halal Tourism and it is a promising sector to enter.

In this video, witness the journey of developing a sustainable and attractive Halal Tourism in Indonesia, through cooperation from the government and especially hospitality sector, namely Sofyan Hotel. From soft launching, grand launching, to the moment where Indonesia, with Lombok and Sofyan Hotel Cut Meutia, became victorious in World Halal Travel Award 2015.