The Government Taking Serious Action for Halal Destination

with No Comments, Jakarta – The government of Republic Indonesia taking serious about halal tourism by launch 10 leading halal destination. This program projected to bring in at least 350.000 foreign tourist in Ramadhan this year.
Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya explained, the number of tourist per month usually reaches 20 million. However, the number of tourist is present during Ramadhan which has dropperd dramatically to 10 million. However, the amounth is compensated again during the Eid al-Fitr in which there are 20 million tourist who go home.
Arief Yahya though that Ramadhan is the right momentum to invite tourist to enjoy the Ramadhan tour package while inviting tourist to plan a visits. One destination that can be enjoyed is a special interest tourist destination, which is religiour tourism which usually consist of grave pilgrimage tours and itikaf to the mosque.
Chairman of the Halal Tourism Acceleration Team, Riyanto Sofyan explained that bassed on the Global Moslem Travel Index (GMTI), Indonesia is ranked second after Malaysia as the best halal destination in the world. And in 2019, the government targets Indonesia to be ranked first as the best halal tourist destination in the world.
Riyanto explained, the numnbers of international tourist for halal travel reach 2,8 million last year. This number will increase into 5 million in 2019 he assumed.
Middle East (Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar) and Europe (Rusia, Germany, UK, and France), also Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, China, and India) is the biggest market for halal tourism in Indonesia. Those three region having different of  preference in halal tourism. In example, Middle East tourist prefer to high-end facility, and Eurpean tourist prefer to adventure.