Seasoned with over 50 years of experience in developing its business in the Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Industry and over 26 years of experience in Halal Travel, Hospitality, and Tourism operations from all of the aspects in integrated manner, the holding company of Sofyan Consulting achieved 300% oversubscribed on its Initial Public Offering of its shares in Indonesia Stock Exchange and it became the pioneer and one of the Global Leaders in Halal compliance Travel, Hospitality, and Tourism industry.

Ultimately, Sofyan Consulting provides the following services for industries and government institutions that are looking to tap into the Halal market:

  • Halal Hospitality Management and Consultant

  • Halal Tourism Development and Consultancy

  • Sharia Compliant Business Consultancy
  • Halal Products and Services Certification Consultancy

  • Halal / Sharia Compliance Training Center for Professionals

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