In Sofyan Corp, We believe our strength lies in our people. The depth of the personnel provide the company with expertise in all facets of the company's operations. We grow and develop the organization with respect to the limits of the human resources and their strength, commitment and enthusiasm. We balance the absolute requirements of quality service and with essential ­financial controls and marketing programs that create value and focus on increasing our assets worth, while being sensitive to the needs of our stakeholders. Not only that, we also believe that education in general, balanced with religious knowledge are important in order to prepare the next generation in facing the challenge in their everyday lives.

Established in 1997, Sofyan Institute aims to be an educational institution that offers a thorough and comprehensive training programs for all aspects of Halal - Compliant Product and Services. Sofyan Institute also organizes Continuous Vocational Educational Program that is certified from The National Board of Profession Certification (BNSP).