Sofyan Hotel with a more economical type of service, suitable for travelers who needs a comfortable place to stay, with more minimalist tone, simple and with affordable price. You can feel this experience at Sofyan Hotel Soepomo.

Sofyan Hotel with its original touch has a cultural heritage building that creates an elegant and characteristic ambiance. Offering high standard of service and facilities for the guests. You can feel this experience at Sofyan Hotel Cut Meutia.

Sofyan Hotel with a touch of luxury. Prioritizes guests comfort and privacy offering with international-class of services and facilities.

Sofyan Hotel, under PT Sofyan Hotels Tbk., started its journey in the year 1968. After years of creating innovations in its business, Sofyan Hotel brought up its true originality in 1992, namely the Halal Hospitality Concept. The concept was inspired by the founder's background culture of the Minang Tradition that is known for its heartfelt and welcoming hospitality to others while upholding their values. Therefore, the company has developed a new concept instilling the substance of Halal Values in the Hospitality Industry, so that it can be accepted by all.

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