Sharia Supervisory Council

Dr. Surahman Hidayat, MA

Chairman Board of Sharia Supervisor

He was born in Ciamis on July 3, 1957. He completed his doctoral education in 2000 from Sharia Faculty, THe University of Al-Azhar, Egypt. Now, he is a lecturer in several colleges. These colleges are Postgraduated program at UIN of Jakarta, Bandung National Institute of Islam (IAIN), the University of Ibnu Khaldun, Bogor. He is active in various organizations such as: Expert Staff of the Center of Sharia Consultancy. Sharia Consultant in PKPU, Head of Research Section in LP2S Al-Haramain, Jakart, and others. He has been a speaker in various seminar forums, disscusions and correspondent in the morning news in several TV stations.

Board of Commissioner

Riyanto Sofyan

President Commissioner

With more than 39 years in Hotel and Property Business, since 1992, more than 29 years ago, has been focusing in the Muslim Friendly Hospitality and Tourism Business, and successfully developing management and transformation strategy to implement the Halal/ Sharia Compliance Concept, maintaining inclusivity so that it can be accepted by all market segment, contributed to the growth of his business. In 2012, he was appointed as Strategic Partner of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia in developing Halal Tourism, and in 2016 appointed as Chairman of the Team for Accelerated Development of Halal Tourism, directly under Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. He received Acknowledgments among others are from Parliamentary Vice Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan in 2014, President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2018 and he is also recognized as The 500 Who make The Islamic Economy – by ISLAMICA 500 – Forbes Magazine.

Henry Riyanto


Henry Riyanto is a Neurologist who graduated from Medical Faculty Universitas Indonesia. He began his career in the Sofyan Group in 2004 as a super visor at Madina Islamic School and started a career at PT Arva Paramaniaga as a Management Trainee. While he was building his career as a professional physician, he was also active in the company by formulating several policies related to office rental and supervising hotel developments. Until 2018, he has served as a commissioner at PT Sofyan Hotels, Tbk. In the same year, he was also active in the Amal Mulia Foundation as a board of advisors. Since then, he has been involved in our company as a commissioner who maintains and provides strategic direction to the board of directors within the Sofyan Group. He completed his academic achievements as pain consultant in 2020 and c ompleted Neuro-Oncology fellowship in 2021.

Hasya Amana Riyanto


Graduated from Curtin University, Australia by the age of 20, Hasya obtained her Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance in a fast track program with distinctions in many advanced Accounting and Finance studies. Then, she graduated from the University of Leeds, obtaining her Master of Science degree in Finance and Investment. After completing her studies, she proceeded to steep herself in the hospitality industry, certified by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as a Tourism Auditor and earned the RABQSA-AU and RABQSA-TL certification for Quality Lead Auditor. Beforehand, she climbed the corporate ladder at the early age of 16 by being a young journalist intern in leading national newspaper, Kompas. She joined Sofyan Hotels in 2013 as a management trainee starting from housekeeping and front office, and gradually moved into other departments such as FB pr oduct and service, sales and mar keting, and accounting.

Board of Director

Harish Adrian Riyanto

President Director

Harish earned his Bachelor of Computer Engineering in February 2012 from the Universitas Pelita Harapan and obtained certification of Ethical Hacking. He joined PT Sofyan Hotels Tbk. in 2013 as Management Trainee while undertaking his Master of Management from PPM School of Management. Majoring in Entrepreneur Studies, he has maintained a project to develop the social-preneur program in Pari Island. Harish has been as a Director of Operational and Director of Management then currently he becomes a President Director of Sofyan Corp. He is focusing all aspect of the business and maintaining business in Sofyan Corp. He is specializing on digital marketing aspect and analytical business while working maintaining business.

Haekal Iman Riyanto

Director of Operation

Prior to joining PT Sofyan Hotels Tbk. in 2017, Haekal was finishing his internship in Grand Hyatt Doha, Qatar. Due to his achievements and persistence in per forming his tasks, Haekal continues to earn the trust of the company to rise through the ranks within the company. During his time working in Sofyan Hotel, Haekal was positioned as F&B Coordinator, Training Management, and Quality Product & Service Manager. In Sofyan Corporation, Haekal has been trusted in the position of Director of Operation since 2020.

Ratna Suci Apriani

Director of Legal

Ratna earned her Bachelor of Law degree in 2012 from Universitas Pelita Harapan. In 2015, she continued to pursue her Master degree, majoring in Business Law, at Universitas Pelita Harapan. She completed the Advocate Profession Special Education Program (Pendidikan Khusus Profesi Advokat) and passed Advocate Profession Examination (Ujian Profesi Advokat). She started her career as an intern at several Law Firms. In 2013 she worked at PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk as staff in Corporate Secretary and Legal Division. In 2018, Ratna joined PT Sofyan Hotels Tbk in the Legal Division and was finally promoted Director of Legal in Sofyan Corp.

Consultant & Management Team

Ruhadi Widiargo

Senior Cosultant

Hafizuddin Ahmad, Lc

 Senior Sharia Consultant

Muhammad Fahmi

Senior Corporte Finance Controller

Herman Himawan

Senior Corporate General Manager

Undang Husni Thamrin

Senior Corporate General Manager

Ahmad Muthiullah

Corporate Sharia Compliance Manager

Yozar Syafril

Corporate Finance Manager

Budi Sularko

Corporate Engineering and Maintenance Manager

Aga Pradipta

Corporate HRD Manager


Corporate Sales & Marketing Manager