On top of providing education, there is also a need to maintain the institutions who provides those services. Therefore, Sofyan Corp establishes Madina Edunet to specialize in providing education management and training consultancy services, financial arranging for education and training purposes, as well as human resources development and training progress. Furthermore, Madina Edunet is also responsible for establishing the education system for Madina Islamic School.

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Madina Islamic School is an Islamic Integrated National-Plus School, offering Islamic, National and International standard of education. It was established in 2004 and located in the residential area of Tebet, South Jakarta. The outcome of the school are expected to possess a true genuine character as “mu’min” and at the same time possess a high standard of academic competency, that would allow them to enroll to the top universities in Indonesia and Internationally, for their certificates of education are accredited nationally and internationally.

Visit us: www.madinaschool.sch.id