1968 was the beginning of the new era of the corporation to venture into the property business. In those early times the corporation had already built and operated a medium class hotel with 20 rooms, a commercial building and several residential properties to be rented.

Establishing a business requires prudent financial and investment scheme as the corporation’s supporting foundation. Through the years, Sofyan Corp has garnered a vast experience, while maintaining the integrity and a robust relationship with highly reputable financial and investment institutions.

In line with that, in 1989, with its strategic partner in financial sector, Sofyan Corp proceeded with corporate action of Initial Public Offering (IPO) for its hotel company. In this initiative PT. Sofyan Hotels Tbk's new shares offering achieved oversubscribed by 300 %.

Through the invaluable experience over the decades, the founders and the management of Sofyan Corporation embrace its solidity through integrating 4 sectors in the company, namely Hotels, Hospitality & Tourism, Property, and Education.

In 1992,Sofyan Corp aligned its business orientation to be committed in responsible corporate governance with an objective of not just driving the bottom line, but also making sure that the company drives positive forces to the community on top of having a sustainable growth, as opposed to focusing on short term goals. Therefore, the company adopted the Halal Concept as the base of its operations.

We aim to be the leader in responsible business and investment industry within the 4 sectors that we are involved in. By cultivating our core values of understanding, integrity, and the will to excel, guided by the ultimate orientation, Sofyan Corporation will bring prosperity and well-being to our stakeholders and environment, Insha Allah.

Core Values


Each step taken in the business must be made with full responsibility to preserve the company's commitment guided by the halal concept. We believe in creating a business that has an objective of not just driving the bottom line, but also making sure that there are positive forces in the community, and having a sustainable growth as opposed to short term oriented goal. We realize that through preserving the commitment to conduct responsible business, the profit will be more than just material gain, and further increase long term profitability, product sustainability, and inter-generational equity.



We hear constant talks of organizational cultures, the family feeling, simplicity rather complexity and significant result orientation. In our corporation, we know the obvious; that the individual human being still counts. We are expanding and growing our organization by taking note of his or her limits, strengths, commitment and enthusiasm. Furthermore, we encourage all of our employees to be professional and honest towards each other in order to create a conducive and healthy working environment, that leads to a solid team-work which ultimately play a big role in fulfilling the stakeholders' needs, by delivering promises that live up to their expectation.  


The Will to Excel

In today's economic environment, success does not come from simply doing a good job. Success comes from outstanding management techniques and marketing expertise. Direct involvement in the field in a total and detailed manner by Sofyan Corporation Executives is the key to excel in the industry, resulting in an optimum output for a certain project or investment. Guided by the ultimate orientation, our commitment to result, optimum economical value, and services, we will bring prosperity and well-being to all, In Shaa Allah.