1968 was the beginning of the new era of the corporation to venture into the property business. In those early times the corporation had already built and operated a medium class hotel with 20 rooms, a commercial building and several residential properties to be rented.

Establishing a business requires prudent financial and investment scheme as the corporation’s supporting foundation. Through the years, Sofyan Corp has garnered a vast experience, while maintaining the integrity and a robust relationship with highly reputable financial and investment institutions.

In line with that, in 1989, with its strategic partner in financial sector, Sofyan Corp proceeded with corporate action of Initial Public Offering (IPO) for its hotel company. In this initiative PT Sofyan Hotels Tbk.'s new shares offering achieved oversubscribed by 300%.

In 1992, Sofyan Corp aligned its business orientation to be committed in responsible corporate governance guided by divine orientation, with an aim to improve the sustainable growth, enhance long term profitability, product sustainability, and inter generational equity while contributing a positive impact to the society. Therefore the company adopted Halal/Sharia Principles as the base of its operation.

Through the invaluable experience over the decades, the founders and the management of Sofyan Corporation embrace its solidity through integrating 3 Divisions in the company namely Hospitality, Property & Education and Training.

Our Capabilities

  • Hospitality Management & Consultant
  • Muslim Friendly Tourism Consultancy
  1. Halal Product and Services Certification Consultancy
  2. Sharia Compliant Business Consultancy
  • F&B Management & Consultant - Restaurant, Cafe & Catering Management & Consultancy
  • Property Investment & Management:
  1. Commercial Properties - Office Building
  2. Residential properties - Town houses & Apartments
  • Integrated Virtual Office Hub
  • Legal Services for Business Entities
  • Islamic School & Education Consultancy and Management
  • Professional Development Program for Education Professionals
  • Integrated International Islamic Education Curriculum Development and Management
  • Media & Digital Platform for Community Center

Our Commitment

Sofyan Corporation provides various types of advisory and supervision to businesses to cater for big size-high growth in Halal Industry, providing comprehensive solution for Muslim Friendly - Halal Compliance Products, Services and Businesses. Therefore to assure the commitment, we provide comprehensive quality assurance management systems, tools and guidelines for that purpose.

Muslim-Friendly® by Amicale & Sofyan Halal Compliance System

Muslim-Friendly® by Amicale and Sofyan Halal Compliance System (SHCS) provides comprehensive set of Management Tools, such as SOP, Policy and Guidelines, Operating Manuals and Training Programs on Quality Management System to develop Muslim Friendly or Halal/Sharia Compliance Businesses, Products and Services as well as professionals to comply with the industry and legal standard, with adopting Industry Best Practices.

Muslim Friendly - Halal Compliance Management Training Programs

Comprehensive Halal/ Sharia Compliant Management Training Programs for professionals, institutions, businesses, facilities and services.

Sofyan Hospitality Information System

Sofyan Hospitality Information System (SHIS) is a hospitality management software made integrated covering all aspects from the front office to the back office in objective of a more timely, accurate, effective, and efficient hotel operation. This system consists of several modules which integrated as a whole. SHIS software distinctly designed to support the unique needs of halal compliance hotel operations in order to enhance services to hotel guests and to increase employees’ productivity, so as they can achieve their best performance. This hotel administration management application facilitates day to day basis of hotel operations suitable for both budget and Economy Hotels as well as Premium Starred Rated Hotels.