Won the title of the World’s Best Halal Hotel, This is Sofyan Cut Meutia’s Recipe

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Suara.com – The name Sofyan Cut Meutia Hotel has recently soared after being named the World’s Best Family Friendly Hotel 2015. This title even outperformed two hotels in Dubai.

This hotel located in the Menteng Cut Meutia area has indeed embraced the sharia system in its management and service system since 2003.

In fact, the President Director of Sofyan Hotel, Zaki Jauhar said that his hotel has secured a certificate of sharia-based institutions from the Indonesian Ulema Council. So, what kind of halal concepts are applied in Sofyan Betawi Hotel?

“Of course, we provide halal food and beverages as available in other hotels. We also provide showers for toilets, not just tissue where some hotels implement it,” Zaki said in Jakarta, recently.

He explained that in each room, guests could also easily worship, because worship equipment had been provided.

“There are also Qibla direction signs and the time of prayer. Mukena and the holy prayer mats are also provided in each room,” Zaki added.

Established since 1970, the Sofyan Cut Meutia Hotel was apparently not only visited by Muslim travelers. Zaki said that some of his guests also came from non-Muslim tourists such as Japan and Europe.

“Since implementing the halal concept in 1992, we are actually not limiting the market but instead expanding. Anyone can come, on average 10 percent of our guests are non-Muslim and we do not differentiate our services from any guest,” he concluded.

Source: http://www.suara.com/lifestyle/2015/10/23/130831/raih-predikat-hotel-halal-terbaik-dunia-ini-resep-sofyan-betawi